Trace Ventures

The Winning Team for Your Own Music City Remodeling Miracle

You don’t have to be a longtime Nashvillian to see that our city is undergoing major renovations, and it’s not limited to downtown. New homes are springing up all over town, and older ones are showing fresh faces and new spaces. Need a bumper sticker for this major development? Call it the “Music City Remodeling Miracle.”

Should you have plans for improving your own place, now is the time to join this remodeling movement. Be careful! If you fail to choose the highest caliber contractors for your renovations, you may find yourself suffering from a Music City remodeling migraine. Fortunately, there’s a surefire way to avoid this syndrome: Trace Ventures.  

For 27 years and building, Trace Ventures has proved itself Nashville’s premier remodeler — our city’s one-stop shop for projects big and small, from commercial tenant build-outs to residential rehabs. The key to Trace’s success is that the very first thing they do is listen to you, taking notes and photos and measuring dimensions and asking key questions to determine your tastes and goals further. This is a fundamental part of the process that produces, upon a Trace team member’s initial visit, an “opinion of cost,” a number not pulled out of thin air, but one based on square footage and historical data gathered through decades of expert experience. The opinion of cost is not static either but is updated at each step of the design process, giving you relevant information to make informed decisions about your project.

“I can’t tell you how many people pay big money to architects for final drawings only to have to rework it all over again because budget was never part of the equation,” Trace President Mark Holiday says.  

But successful remodeling is not just about getting the cost down right; it’s also about getting the job done right. With a team that brings more than 100 years of experience in design and construction, Trace is top-notch and has the awards to prove it. Whether your needs are an accessibility modification or a whole house renovation, or even whether you might be considering the construction of some downtown penthouse suites, Trace has been there and has done that — and expertly, too, project after project after project. So, call them up for your own Music City remodeling miracle. They’ll be happy to listen to you.

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Hillwood Kitchen Renovation

Thanks to a terrific design and team Trace’s talents, the clients got this spectacular, fresh look for their gourmet kitchen.

Richland Neighborhood Kitchen

Warm and inviting, it’s more than a place to prepare meals; it’s also to enjoy friends and family sitting nearby.

Second Story Addition

Not often is a story told with a single picture, but a close look reveals the transformation of a one-story ranch into a two-story beauty.

Hillsboro Finished Basement

From dark and dingy basement—sprinkled throughout with leftover coal dust—to the spectacular guest room it is today, team Trace nailed it!