A new cruise line for the young of heart

U by Uniworld is the first river cruise dedicated to a new generation of adult travelers, with a hip, stylish look and feel that offers immersive experiences along the world’s most popular rivers. Itineraries focus on longer stays in destinations, allowing guests to connect with local people, experiences and each city’s vibrant nightlife. The U fleet offers two, 120-passenger matte black ships – The A and The B, each boasting two rooftop venues, a spa, mixologists, international DJ’s, communal tables for dining and locally-inspired, farm-to-table cuisine.  

Onboard accommodations include four Suites, 26 Balcony Bedrooms, 29 Studio Bedrooms and two Studio Bedrooms with triple occupancy, all with waterfront views, built-in Bluetooth speakers and BeeKind amenities.

The Rhine River cruise itinerary visits seven different cities with a heavy focus on Amsterdam and Frankfurt, the two anchor cities, which guests typically prefer to spend extra time in, especially at night. U by Uniworld doesn’t have a max age restriction, but it’s definitely recommended for the type of traveler who isn’t looking to experience the standard river cruise and who is excited about late morning starts and late nights. Below are brief descriptions of a few of the exciting cities visited during this 8-day adventure in Germany and the Netherlands.


Get acquainted with the Netherlands’ capital city in just 24 hours. Your host will help you get the lay of the land. From then on, Amsterdam is yours to discover. Experience the city’s charm and beauty on a pleasant canal cruise through Prinsen Keizers and Herengracht on your way to Prinsengracht. From there, you’ll be just a stone’s throw away from Jordaan, Damrak and Kaiserstraat. Take a tram to the Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum to discover the city’s history. Your host will give you a 24-hour public transportation ticket so you can explore at your own pace.


Haarlem is a city outside of Amsterdam in the northwest Netherlands. Huffington Post once called it one of the “10 Secret European Spots You’ll Want to Visit.” Explore the cobbled streets and gabled homes on a host-escorted walk. Experience the medieval charm of a city that was once a major North Sea trading port. Discover different pubs, restaurants and shopping scenes before making your way downtown to experience the lively local market.


Two words: German beer. It’s world-famous for a reason, and part of that reason is here. Step off the gangplank and take a gander at the amazing spires of Cologne Cathedral on your way to Dom Platte. As the epicenter of the city’s nighttime pub scene, it’s a perfect place to drink Kölsch beer and mingle. What’s so special about Kölsch beer? It’s brewed from mainly Pilsner salts right there in Cologne, Germany, and served in a fancy glass. Save room and come thirsty.


The German Corner, a.k.a. Koblenz, one of the country’s oldest and most beautiful towns is made up of vineyards, forests and exotic mountain ranges that form the backdrop to a town with more than 2,000 years of storied history. Whether you wind up along the Rhine shores or inside one of many cozy taverns under the stars, you’ll be eating, drinking and lounging like you live there.


Continental Europe’s largest financial center and home to the world’s biggest book fair and auto show, the city of Frankfurt attracts every kind of traveler. In downtown Frankfurt, you can immerse yourself in different cultures from around the world, as the city is a melting pot of diversity. Some of the buildings in the historical Römerberg in Old Town date back to the 14th and 15th centuries, although many were rebuilt after they were destroyed in World War II. Guests can also head to the Klein Markt Halle to shop for the ingredients needed for a host-escorted cooking class, as part of the additional excursions, where they will then eat what they make. If there on a Sunday, a visit to the city’s huge Sunday flea market is a must. But, in the early evenings (after working hours), the city comes out to sit by the river with beers to just enjoy the fresh air and sunlight, and visitors are always encouraged to join them.

Each cruise program includes onshore excursions led by a U Host; these excursions have been designed to provide travelers with the most culturally immersive experience onshore, from an evening bike ride along the Danube, evening strolls, vineyard hikes, castle visits, and much more. In addition to the included excursions each day, guests have the chance to amplify their itinerary with specially planned experiences and activities created by U’s destination experts and designed for every type of traveler from immersive food tours, art walks, adventurous hiking tours and much more. 8-day trips start at $1499.