Nashville’s Best Tastes in Jars and More

“Have your cake and drink it, too” is the motto of business entrepreneur and Nashville native Amanda “Mandie” Swift, who launched a new bakery business by bottling bits of cakes, as well making full-sized custom cakes.

CEO Mandie thinks of it as providing happiness in a jar, and she can be found dishing out samples and products at the Nashville Farmers’ Market. Her booth is a pretty popular spot, but she also can bring that hot spot goodness to customers. This creative baker is taking holiday orders for both types of cakes for festive gatherings, office parties and special events.

Before Mandie Cakes, she owned her own insurance agency for seven years and was in the financial industry before that. However, last year she says she started to sense she’d be open to some changes in her life.

One day, after making a rum cake that didn’t hold together all that well, Mandie grabbed different sized jars she had and stuffed them full of cake pieces. That’s when the business idea clicked and brought back memories of her grandmother’s cakes.

“Grandma doesn’t make the prettiest cakes, but they sure taste good. From growing up in the country, we didn’t care what we put her cake on to eat. They were treats, and we served them up on anything we had, including jars,” she says.

The following weekend, Mandie took 25 jars of rum cake to local beauticians and barbershops, and she sold out in one hour. Enough people asked for more cake, so she taught herself how to ramp up and dive into larger cake undertakings, which now include birthdays, showers, weddings and special events.

“Cakes should make you feel something,” says Mandie, whose personal favorite is the 24 Karrot Cake, partially because that was her mother’s favorite and she just passed away earlier this year.

“That particular cake has my heart.”

The alcohol used to flavor the cakes evaporates during baking, but one, the Lemon Drop Cake, has no alcohol. Mandie says the cakes are safe for all ages because the most that will happen is someone might get a sugar high.

“We do everything the long, personal way, completely from scratch, and I think it shows in the how our cakes taste,” Mandie says.

She says she especially enjoys hearing about how her cakes bring business teams together, with them sharing it before planning meetings.

Mandie bakes in a local commercial kitchen. She essentially is a pop-up shop and an online bakery that can be found at

She says her plans for 2019 include growing with the Nashville Farmers’ Market. In fact, she uses ingredients purchased from fellow vendors at the market, whenever those products are available.

Her other jar cake flavors include classic white, red velvet, short-and-sweet strawberry, chocolate goodness and chocolate delight brownie.

One Mandie Cakes regular customer calls her bakery products “a smearing of heaven in a jar.”