What Could a Performance Concierge Coach Bring to Your New Year?

Fueling. Unlocking. Testing. Training. Sweat+Science = S2.

One can receive the personal assessments and encouragement required to achieve healthy body composition overhauls at S2 Fitness and Nutrition, 1214 Wedgewood Ave., promises the owners and married team of Stewart and Tiffany Breeding. They’ve developed a novel, integrated fitness and nutrition system that they say ranks at the top level among the few U.S. training centers attempting to build methods such as what they’ve created. 

Typically referred to as Stew and Dr. Tiff, they use exercise, performance-based nutrition science, biomarker testing and cutting-edge metabolic conditioning technology to help clients achieve weight loss and fitness goals—just not in a traditional, repetitive way. 

“Stop exercising and start intentional training,” advocates Stew, who says customized approaches for each person get results faster and last far longer. “No two people are the same, which is why we combine high- and low-intensity training and add a variety of modalities. We end up with what are like individual fitness prescriptions for each of our clients.”

As S2’s owner and chief performance officer, Stew is a master-level trainer with more than 25 years of expertise in the fitness industry. He also integrates 30-plus years of martial arts, yoga and meditation into his training approach. He says his passion for fitness started at age 15 when he won his first Youth National Powerlifting Championship and culminated as a combat veteran of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division. For the last 10 years, he’s worked to perfect his methodology for fat loss, muscle gain and sustainable weight loss. 

As director of S2’s nutrition program and chief motivation officer, Dr. Tiff has been helping clients achieve sustainable performance enhancement and weight loss since 2005. She began her work as a performance psychology consultant for Division I student-athletes in Tennessee and Georgia, also consulting privately with PGA, NFL and PDL Soccer professionals. She earned her master’s degree in kinesiology/performance psychology from Georgia Southern and her doctorate in health and human performance from Middle Tennessee State. She also is a certified strength and conditioning specialist as well as a fitness nutrition specialist.

The Breedings indicate each person has a unique heart rate, and they use that to monitor what baseline elements to change and combine. 

Stew says it’s imperative to take into account former injuries because most people don’t realize they are overcompensating for them, which leads to too much wear and tear on other noninjured muscles, tendons and bones. In those cases, the Breedings enlist their “prepare and repair” tactics as corrective exercise specialists. 

“We combine mental, emotional, physical and spiritual elements for a method that’s typically not found outside of Olympic training centers,” Stew says. 

The two co-authored a book, The Biohacker, to help readers achieve ultimate physical potential and “infinite mental acuity.” The book details their avant-garde approach to traditional strength training, high-intensity interval training, recovery, injury prevention, resilience and nutritional advice to supplement physical training.