The Art of Human Resource Management in 2019

Teams are complex, collective entities whose dynamics can be challenging. Behavioral diversity represents the differences or similarities of individuals within teams, and oftentimes an objective observer can be helpful in evaluating the diversity needed to propel businesses into more success.

Joany Mouton, CEO of iAdvance Inc., says her professional Nashville-area staff is committed to improving the bottom lines of all types of businesses, mainly by accelerating the performance of individuals, as well as overall organizations. Her personal experience and expertise span sales, marketing, management and motivation of diverse teams across a variety of industries in multiple cultures.

Part of the iAdvance process starts with job optimization and imparting sound hiring techniques. Joany says she and her staff can handle team building, develop the skills of employees and provide sustainable management tools.

“It’s important to understand that any level of diversity has its own pros and cons that can impact team performance,” she adds.

iAdvance services range from recruitment, leadership identification and team analysis to personal development programs, mentorships and career or succession planning and redeployment.

“Many companies go through restructuring of the business from time to time. We provide a scientific framework to do this with minimal negative effects on the performance of employees,” Joany says.